Saturday, 14 January 2012

We are up and running!

Welcome to the blog of the Farshore Baby Clinic.

As the title above say's we are now up and running! It has long been my dream to have a wonderful clinic all of my own and here it is!

Firstly I need to say a very big heart felt Thank You to my good close friend Cara Lionheart, she has created the truly unique building which houses both my Clinic and Photography Studio turning my dream into reality. So to Cara I would like to say "Thank you love you are totally amazing and I am so proud of you"

Secondly I need to say a personal Thank You to my Owner and Husband the amazing Odin Farshore because without his love and encouragement I would not the woman I am today. They say behind every great Man there is a good woman....well in my case behind every amazing Doctor there is an equally amazing Man! "My Owner quite simply...I love you, thank you for believing in me"

Thirdly I would like to say Thank you to YOU...the people that make my job patients. I have been a Mama Allpa member of staff now for nearly 2 years and I enjoy every single moment of it!

Here's to the Farshore Baby Clinic...I hope it brings you as much joy as it does me :)


Dr Selina Farshore